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Pediatric Dentistry

Providing the best care for kids’ dental health requires a special kind of dentist: a Pediatric Dentist. A Pediatric Dentist is a specialist, having received at least 2 years of advanced residency training after dental school all to learn how to better care for our most special patients; kids! Many dental offices advertise that they cater to children, and may appear to be a “children only” dentist, but if you ask if they are indeed pediatric dental specialists, you might be surprised at their response!

Believe it or not, providing dental care for a child is very different from that of an adult. From the anatomical differences of childhood to the special behavioral concerns of children, our pediatric dental specialists are prepared to provide the best possible care for you child. All of our staff are also well trained in caring for children.

All restorative options are available, including fillings, sealants, and crowns (caps). Pulpotomies and pulpectomies (“baby teeth root canals”) are also available, as are surgical procedures including extractions and space maintenance.

And our pediatric dental care doesn’t end when your child’s baby teeth fall out. We have a residency trained general dentist available to care for your kids of all ages. No need to run across town to take your younger children and teens to different dental offices!

All of these services are provided in an atmosphere dedicated to kids! Children can watch movies while they are receiving their treatment or they can play in the pirate ship while waiting for their siblings!


Many children are unable to cooperate with dental treatment. This may because of their young age, amount of treatment needed, or other factors including a previous traumatic dental experience. When the required treatment is not able to be performed your child’s Pediatric Dentist may recommend conscious sedation as a way to help your child receive the necessary treatment with a minimal amount of discomfort. The Pediatric Dentist may administer nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) sedation or an oral “cocktail” of medications, or both. Our dentists are licensed by the state to provide sedation and have received advanced training in the use of sedatives and the monitoring of sedated patients. All clinical staff are also trained in emergency management.

Conscious sedation may not be necessary or appropriate for every patient. You will be able to discuss this and other options with your child’s Pediatric Dentis

General Anesthesia

Sometimes a child may not be able to be treated while awake or under conscious sedation, whether due to their young age, combativeness, or extensive amount of treatment. For these patients we provide the option of general anesthesia. While many parents are nervous about the prospect of having their child asleep for the dental work, you can be assured that modern techniques allow for an extremely safe anesthetic. General anesthesia is a safe and effective option and is administered at Dentistry for Children only by competent, board certified dentist anesthesiologists. Modern monitoring devices and anesthesia delivery systems are utilized and each anesthetic is custom designed for your child. Parents will generally be allowed to accompany their child to the surgical suite while his or her anesthetic is induced. The child is usually allowed to breathe anesthetic gases through a mask in order to fall asleep, though sometimes the anesthesiologist may recommend another form of induction. The child will be under the direct supervision of the anesthesiologist throughout their entire anesthetic. The anesthesiologist has only your child’s safety and comfort in mind. A complete compliment of emergency management medications and supplies are readily available to the surgical team throughout the course of the anesthetic and recovery, as is the knowledge necessary to utilize them if required.

Your child’s anesthesiologist will be glad to take the time to answer any questions you may have.

Special Needs Dentistry

Many of our most special children have special needs. The dentists at Dentistry for Children are ready to address these special needs. Children who suffer from physical, mental, or emotional handicaps may have difficulty receiving proper professional dental care at their family dentist. Our Pediatric Dentists are specially trained in their residencies to provide the special care necessary for these special patients.